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Posted on 2016-12-22 by Author admin

We provides quality residential garage door services like installation, repair, maintenance and inspection at special offers and service discounts. Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City are now delighted to explain to what you should when your Garage remote does not open your Garage door. You basically need to check if the battery is ok. If it has any problem you should consider replacing it through the method discussed in this post.

Whether youve got a belt or a chain drive, a beefier 3/4-HP or a basic 1/2-horsepower model machine, your garage door opener probably has a versatile, pocket sized wireless remote. These small buggers range as widely as the openers, so battery changing procedures differ a bit depending on whether you are working with a Genie, LiftMaster or Craftsman device, for example. It is usually best to refer to the owners handbook for explicit instructions where offered, but if you cant access the manual, rest easy knowing that these varied gizmos share some features.

Often, wireless garage door remotes draw power from a small coin cell battery, also called the button cell battery. Mostly, these remotes use a 3 volt 2032 lithium coin cell battery, yet others require a different 3 volt coin cell, like the 2450 or 2016, especially if they feature extra uses like flashing LED lights. If your garage door opener remote does not take a coin cell, chances are that it needs an alkaline battery for example, a common AAA or AA.

On the other hand, wall mounted wireless keypads often use 9 volt batteries. In very minimal cases, wireless garage door openers require compact A23 alkaline batteries, an exceptional type of battery available in most hardware stores.

Opening Into the Garage Door Opener Remote

How to access the garage door opener remotes battery compartment differs per model, but it is always a simple process. If the battery lid has a slot, pop in to the flat end of the remotes visor clip, the blade of a screwdriver or the edge of a coin to tenderly pry off the lid. Alternatively, other covers easily slide off, and some types of remote require that you loosen a screw before accessing the battery compartment.

Changing Out the Garage Door Opener Remote Batteries

Once you access the remotes battery compartment, pop out the batteries or battery and appropriately dispose them off. While it is legal in most countries to toss out batteries into the regular trash, recycling is a more environment friendly option, and some countries legally require it.

In many cases, the garage door opener remotes battery compartment indicates the position in which one should put in a new battery, based on negative and positive polarity. Coin coil batteries have a negative and positive side; often, the positive side faces up. Both alkaline and coin cell batteries feature visibly labeled -and + sides to make easy proper placement. If you are working with a 9 volts battery, ensure that the contacts on the connectors securely snap into the corresponding battery clips. The connectors are shaped in different ways so the only fit one way.

You can however, leave this procedure to the experts by visiting us, and contacting Garage Door Repair Oklahoma City to bring in their highly esteemed help.

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