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Posted on 2016-03-14 by Author admin

While automatic or electric garage doors cannot exactly be converted to manual, nor is it recommended, they can be opened and closed manually by bypassing the system. You may need to operate your garage door manually if you misplace your remote, or in case of a power failure. The door can be disconnected from the power carriage by bypassing the system, while it will remain on the track. Once the door has been disconnected, it can then be lifted up manually. Once the misplaced remote has been found or replaced, or the power returns, you can reconnect the door back to the automatic/electric system and use it like before.

  • Every garage door has a chain that operates it, so a ladder should be placed under it. The chain has a bracket from which hangs a red cord that you will manage to locate easily. At times, the cord may also be of a different color. You will also notice that the end of the cord has a plastic red knob. If you are having trouble finding this cord, look near the door.
  • Grab the knob and tug on the cord. There tends to be a small lever to which this cord is generally hooked. When a garage door is connected to the automatic/electric system, it is usually tilted at a 15-degree angle. Since it happens to be a spring-loaded lever, so when the cord is tugged down, the lever will get locked and will point straight down. You can get down after doing this.
  • The door should then be lifted up, grabbing hold of it with both hands. If you are not able to lift up the door manually, it means that the lever has not locked in place, so you will have to tug on the cord harder. Avoid lifting the garage door manually if you feel that it is too heavy; instead get someone to help you lift it up.
  • Once you have managed to lift the door off the ground, avoid letting go of it. Since you disconnected it from automatic/electronic system, the door will easily fall down if you let go of it. While it would be better to use a two-by-four to keep the door propped up, you can also ask someone to keep the door open while you drive your vehicle in or out of your garage. Once done, the door should be eased down rather than just letting go.
  • Once you find or replace the misplaced remote, or the power returns, you can lock the lever back into its 15-degree angle tilted position by tugging on the cord. Tug on the cord once again and the bracket will slip into its place and the door will get locked into the powered carriage. After this, you should be able to use the remote to automatically open and close your garage door as before.

Opening and closing a garage door manually is not an easy task, but there may come a time when you just cannot use the automatic/electric garage door opener. In such cases, you can follow the above steps in order to disconnect your garage door opener and operate it manually.

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